Get With The Program

When it comes to body maintenance and recovery, becoming a member of the Massage Maintenance Program is the best decision you can make. You work hard chasing your goals. I work hard keeping you healthy and fit. 

 Program members agree to schedule the minimum amount that applies to their program selected. I recommend picking a day and time that works for you on a regular basis – i.e. every third Tuesday at 2pm. We can always reschedule if the need arises, but I’ve found that the most consistent clients have a recurring appointment time.

 Along with the health benefits you will receive from consistent massages, your wallet will also benefit from the varying discounted rates per session.

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“As an elite runner, massage plays an intricate role in my training and preparation. As athletes, we constantly focus on stressing our bodies but these workouts only add benefit when followed with proper recovery. Stress + Recovery = Growth. Working with Thomas Kipp at The AD has taken my training to the next level. His massages not only help me recover faster but have improved my flexibility, strength, and performance.”

  - Enoch Nadler

2x Olympic Marathon Trials Qualifier

Head Coach Team FTC

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“Thomas is an incredible therapist! He helped me postpartum get back to my racing speeds and I'm better than before because of him.”

-Katie Wade

20+ Marathons

12+ Ultra-marathons

Mother of Three

Head Coach Orange Theory Fitness

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“Thomas Kipp at The Athlete's Den is simply amazing. I have been seeing him as needed for sports massages and mobility assessments for several years. His advice is always helpful and well-informed. He is extremely well-read and understands the specific demands of endurance athletes like myself. As the coach for a running program, I never hesitate to recommend Thomas to my clients and every single person I have sent his way has come back with the same opinion I have: if you need help when an injury rears its ugly head, Thomas is the man to see!”

-Patrick Gallagher

Western States Endurance Run 100 mile finisher

35+ Ultra-marathon finishes

Head Coach Two Rules Running

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