Small Group Classes

Athletic Strength and Conditioning Class

The Athlete’s Den understands that one of the crucial components of being a well-rounded athlete is a solid foundation in strength and endurance. We also understand the importance of creating a fitness environment where longevity is the main focus. That is why we have a strength and conditioning coach, physical therapist and massage therapist that have teamed up to create a unique fitness experience. Our athletic strength and conditioning classes include three levels of difficulty within each class, to ensure you are being both safe and challenged at the same time.* 


A healing series of movements and breath work designed to oxygenate your tissues, wake up the lymphatic system and help your body recover and return to homeostasis. Recovery is the key to strength gains, faster times, and improved athletic performance. Dare we say…..recovery is more important than training?

Core Revival

This class is geared towards improving body control and stability to improve efficiency of movement and power output. The deep core is a feedforward mechanism of stability ingrained in your nervous system that fires up muscles that are key to postural stability. Reviving your core will facilitate the proper recruitment pattern of this system so you can reduce the risk of injury and improve athletic performance. This class is Hard Core!




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* New members are required to perform an assessment prior to starting class to ensure their safety and to determine which level of difficulty is best suited for them. No monthly binding contracts. All class packages are on a month-by-month basis. However, sessions do expire every 30 days. No roll-over sessions.